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Providers of Advanced Physical and Occupational Therapy

What our clients say about us

"I had been to a few different therapists in the area and was sick of doing exercises to try to eliminate my back pain. Upper Valley Rehab took the time to listen to my complaints and developed a unique 

treatmnet approach just for me. Josh and the staff were able to eliminate my years of back pain in a few short weeks. I am a life long believer of Josh's unique approach to healing! " -EP

"I had a stroke 1 year ago and was not looking forward to continuing to do therapy. The staff at UVR is now considered my family. They were able to make the treatments fun and I completely forgot I was at a rehab facility. The pool work combined with the land work helped me get back to a much healthier lifestyle." -JS


"I have been an avid equestrian for basically my entire life. After suffering a traumatic injury when riding, UVR was able to get me back in the saddle in no time at all. They were open to listening to how I moved with my horse and even visited my barn to work with me while I was riding. Thank you UVR!" -BD

"Josh Roylance is a talented Physical Therapist versed in multiple modalities. He has supported my needs on and off for the last seven years. As an athlete, I have a few old injuries that periodically need maintenance and some chronic imbalances due to a congenital issue. At each appointment, Josh assesses my current needs, uses manual therapy of multiple sorts, exercises and other therapies to leave me feeling many times better than when I entered his office. I’ve seen many therapists over the twenty-five years since my first injury, and he is, by far, the most talented! As an athlete and someone who had injuries that required Physical Therapy, I heartily recommend his talented hands to others. He’s created long lasting change for me, so that I am more flexible, strong, and balanced!" -RH

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