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Providers of Advanced Physical and Occupational Therapy


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Tele-health or Tele-rehabilitation offers one on one physical or occupational therapy through an internet enabled device with a camera. These visits are live video sessions to diagnose the exact cause of pain and lost function in joints and muscles.  We also help with pediatric developmental delays and progressive learning instances.  This gives the patient and their family the choice to be treated where they want. Patients do not have to visit a clinic to get treatment. Our therapists coach patients and their families every step of the way.  

What is it like? 

Your Evaluation

  • Call or email directly at 802-457-4213 or to schedule a virtual visit 

  • An email with instructions on how to sign-in will be sent to you approximately 30 minutes before your first visit 

  • You will have a virtual visit with a licensed therapist to determine the correct diagnosis of your or your family members symptoms 

  • Once the cause of the symptoms is found, you will do exercises, stretching, and positional releases to give you more strength, movement and less pain 

  • Pediatric virtual visits will give the family members exercises, positioning techniques, and advice from a licensed pediatric therapist on how to help  

  • Your therapist will teach you how to correctly do each exercise or stretching  

  • The therapists are experienced and board-certified therapists 

  • Your therapist will give you and your family a home exercise plan with instructional materials that will be emailed directly to you 

Follow-Up Appointments

  • Your therapist will check on your or your family members progress after your first visit 

  • Exercises, stretching, and positional releases will be changed based on your progress 

  • Your therapist will continue to give one on one coaching during your sessions to you or your family 

  • Follow the recommendations and home exercise program issued by your therapist 

  • Be sure to attend all of your appointments

The Basics

  • To start tele-rehabilitation, patients must:  

    • Have access to a smart device with internet access  

      • Internet costs not covered 

  • Tell your therapist about your:  

    • Symptoms 

    • How your injury happened 

    • Tests results 

    • Job duties 

    • Other doctor or therapist visits 

    • What gives you relief from your symptoms 

  • Your therapist will make a treatment plan for you or your child after your first visit 

  • Virtual visits are typically 30 to 45 minutes 

  • Hours are 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. 

Questions or concerns? Call 802-457-4213 or email to speak with someone directly.

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