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About Upper Valley Rehabiliation

Upper Valley Rehab provides advanced care for all ages and conditions. Our talented staff has a deep commitment to the highest standard of caring and treatment for our patients.  This team of outstanding practitioners is serving their community by utilizing impressive experience, the most advanced techniques and rehabilitation strategies, and a passion for providing the best care possible..

Upper Valley Rehab offers a unique approach from other providers of physical therapy treatments. At UVR, the time is taken to listen to better provide a more solid foundation in a treatment approach. The overall treatment philosophy embraced by the professionals at Upper Valley Rehab is to combine the best of both Eastern and Western medicine.  There are various techniques that are utilized to decrease our patients pain and we will work hard to provide the best care possible.

Some of the non-traditional techniques practiced include muscle energy, Myofascial therapy, and cranial mobilization. Muscle energy is a hands-on technique that utilizes the patient’s muscle contractions and body positioning to formalize joint motion.  Myofascial therapy refers to a system that utilizes physical treatment methods on skeletal muscles and the corresponding connective tissues, while cranial mobilization is a technique that works to restore the balance of cranial bones. Overall Upper Valley Rehab methods, as opposed to traditional physical therapy, focus is on the underlying problems rather than simply the superficial manifestation of pain.

Upper Valley Rehab also provides conventional therapeutic, advanced sports rehab technique, and neuro-rehab.  Our Therapists continue to study new ways to provide the best treatment possible. The overriding focus is the treatment of the whole person, not just the symptom.  A “general protocol” is not followed if the diagnosis is complex, thus each case is evaluated and treated on an individual basis.  This could mean a combination treatment plan of non-traditional therapy techniques and conventional practices to help speed up the healing process.The initial appointment can last up to an hour depending upon the complexity of the presenting problem, as an extensive evaluation is conducted before creating a rehabilitation strategy to address a client’s personal needs.  

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