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Providers of Advanced Physical and Occupational Therapy

Therapeutic Approaches


Reflex Integration

Sensory Integration




The occupation of children is to play. Play is how children learn about their bodies and the world around them. The primary goal of pediatric therapies is to enable children to participate in home, school and community activities. Therapists help children develop skills in the areas of self care, play, and school; more occupations of children. By helping children achieve their maximum potential therapists indirectly help children gain confidence, social skills, general well-being and develop self-esteem. We help children develop basic sensory awareness and motor skills needed for development, learning and healthy behavior.


These include the following: 

  • body awareness 

  • coordinating movements 

  • fine motor control and organization 

  • sensory modulation 

  • self regulation 

  • gross motor skills 

  • oculomotor skills 

  • motor planning

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